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So, I Was…

So, I was trying to sing Sailor Moon’s original Japanese theme song..But two things went wrong…

  • I Can’t Sing
  • And Can’t Speak A Word Japanese (Maybe A Couple)

So, I look and look for the best video of less music and more singing.  And I found this site (SailorMusicVV) for the words…

The reason I’m telling you guys is for me to remember >.< , and maybe you guys might find this interesting..




Listen to the new FINAL FANTASY XV track included in Yoko Shimomura latest album, Memória.

I Fine This Ridiculously Pretty…. 

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The AMV that won ‘Best concept’ at Anime Boston 2014! Also, one of my favorites

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I Think I&#8217;ve Posted This Before&#8230;.If I Have..Sorry. 

Cleaning Out Files

I Think I’ve Posted This Before….If I Have..Sorry. 

Cleaning Out Files

Choking On The ‘D’

I Wanted Love, For A Long Time. 
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